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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

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Parliament of religions mooted for unity

New Delhi, Dec. 25. (PTI): Religious leaders of various faiths today gathered at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here as part of Christmas celebrations and called for peace and harmony among all sections of society.

The gathering, organised by Delhi Archbishop Vincent M Concessao, saw Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Jew, Bahai, Buddhist and Sikh scholars emphasising on the need to understand the teachings of Jesus.

"The message of Christ that religion is meant to bind people, and not divide, is meant for everyone including those who are not Christians," said Archbishop Concessao.

The Archbishop, who organised the event for the second time, also said that such inter-religious meets provide an opportunity for resolving differences among various faiths.

Hindu leader Swami Nityanand said that leaders of all the faiths should form a "Parliament of all the religions to resolve their differences".

Khwajah Afzal Nizami of Nizamuddin Dargah asked people to follow the footsteps of Jesus and work for deprived. Quoting verses from various holy books of Quran, Bible and Gita, the Khwaja said that all religions showed the path towards one supreme creator and all sections of society should unite to make the world a beautiful place.

All the spiritual leaders exhorted people to live in peace and maintain communal harmony and said short prayers on the pious occasion.

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