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New Mexican Baha'i Musician #1 on the radio chart

Santa Fe, November 26, 2002 - Amity Records is proud to announce the stunning debut of Farzad at #1 in the NAV charts for the month of October with his album "Mirror of Emotions". He has worked on this album with the intention of developing the concept of unity in diversity.

One of the fruits of this labor of love has been the recent interview with the Associated Press in Albuquerque where an article about Farzad and the Baha'i Faith, his primary inspiration, is discussed.

In a brilliant display of virtuosity, this renowned international violinist has attempted to convey the commonality of human emotion through the use of a great diversity of musical styles. Albuquerque-based violinist Farzad -- with his second album, creates instrumental music that crosses boundaries between contemporary classical, Latin, Persian folk, new age and smooth jazz.

After Farzad graduated from the Conservatory of Classical Music in Tehran, he moved to the United States permanently and pursued his college education -- Bachelors degree at Indiana University and Masters degree at the University of North Texas. He served as concertmaster of both the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador (for a year) and the Second Baha'i World Congress Orchestra in New York City; and has played with various orchestras in Houston, Ft. Worth and Dallas. On the 8th of March 2003 he will be performing at Spencer Theater in Ruidoso along with well-known guitarist, Louie Shelton.

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