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Baha'i Faith to Feature on the Public Television
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"This month, the five million worldwide followers of the Baha'i religion will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the imprisonment of Baha Ullah, a Persian prince whom worshipers believe is the most recent in a long line of divine messengers, including Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad. The religion has its roots in the Middle East and Baha'is are still persecuted in that part of the world today for advocating Baha's Ullah's ideas of racial and gender equality and religious unity.

Judy Valente explores this growing, but little understood religion and its mission -- in the wake of the terrorist attacks last year -- to have America become the spiritual leader in promoting peace. As Juana Conrad of the Baha'i National Assembly explains, "We understand that this is some of the suffering that we're going to have to go through in order for the world to recognize that it is moving on a path that is not appropriate, and so it gives us hope that ... people will begin to look for solutions."

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