Bahai News -- Traveling Theatre Group Performs The Kingfisher's Wing in Gwinnett County

Traveling Theatre Group Performs
The Kingfisher's Wing in Gwinnett County

WHAT The Kingfisher's Wing is based on the true story of Badi (Aqa Buzurg), a 17-year-old Persian member of Islam in the mid 1860s. He becomes a follower of Bahá'u'lláh, Prophet-Founder of the Baha'i Faith, whose creed is love and tolerance for all and respect for all religions. The playwrite, Bill George, also performs along with his musician partner, Styve Homnick. George's creative use of many media and his versatility result in an unusual and forceful presentation. It is a powerful tale, reverent, historical, and timely. The themes of intergenerational tensions, simple faith opposing repression, and dedication to a nearly impossible task have strong parallels to the present. The father's almost uncontrollable grief at the death of his son is an anguished yet hopeful ending.

WHEN & WHERE Saturday, 7 December 2002 at 7:30 p.m. at Collins Hill High School Theater, located at 50 Taylor Street in Suwanee, Georgia.

COST Admission is free to the public. However, tickets must be reserved via E-mail on/before 30 November 2002. Send request to Limited to two tickets per request please.

AUDIO/VISUALS Throughout the piece the original composition by Homnick, partly music and partly sound effects, builds the tension. The constant, ominous beat of the music describes the peril of the journey while the clear repeated tone of a bell above it sounds the sustaining faith of the son, who knows he will meet horrible torture and death. Bill George holds puppets as props, speaking through them, then subtly putting them aside, slipping smoothly into one or another character. When he becomes the Shah's emissary, the illusion of a mocking official on a prancing horse is strikingly realistic. The work is a rich offering, both visually and spiritually. The audience is captivated through the interaction of puppets, lighting effects, and movements combined with storytelling.

WHY Bill George's dramatization of the young Persian martyr's moral courage compels us to reflect on the power of faith and inspires us to pursue our goals. This is more than a vibrant performance; it is a faith-renewing experience in times that are technologically advanced but spiritually barren. The title comes from a poem of T.S. Eliot: the Kingfisher represents the revered prophet and his Wing represents the martyred messenger who dies secure in the knowledge that he has accomplished his mission.

FOR INFORMATION Contact Andrea Perkins at (770) 734-0388.

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