Baha'i News -- Virtue of the Week Wednesday 13 November 2002

Virtue of the Week


“O people of God! I admonish you to observe courtesy, for above all it is the prince of virtues… Who is illumined with the light of courtesy…hath indeed attained a sublime station.”
-Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 214

Courtesy is to be polite and to have good manners. It is to be considerate of others. It is a way of speaking and acting with people which gives them a feeling of being valued and respected. “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, and “You’re welcome” are courteous expressions which let people know you appreciate them and care about their feelings. Courtesy brightens people’s lives. It helps to make life graceful.

• • • • •

Signs of Success

I am practicing courtesy when I…

Show others that I value and respect them

Remember to treat elders, parents, teachers, and children politely

Think about how my actions affect others

Eat, speak, and move graciously

Make requests instead of demands

Greet people with a smile.

I am courteous. I speak and act in gracious ways. I show others that I value and respect them.

• • • • •

They’re back!
The Virtues Project Founders!

DECEMBER 10th-17th

Linda Kavelin Popov & Dr. Dan Popov
back in the Mariana’s for a special visit to Rota, Saipan & Tinian!

Attention all Facilitators

10th & 11th 8am to 5pm all day workshops at the Aqua Resort Club!
Lunch and snacks will be provided
Workshop fee is only $25; payment & registration deadline is Monday, December 2nd, 2002
A limited number of scholarships are available!

For further information regarding all the scheduled Virtues Project workshops with Linda & Dan on the 13th, 14th, 16th & 17th, please contact Connie at 664-2550, Sonya at 322-1919 or email us at & be sure to check the Saipan Tribune over the following weeks for current info!

Next Monday’s ‘Virtue of the Week’ is Purposefulness.

By permission of The Virtues Project, Inc.
Sponsored in part by a grant from the NMI Humanities Council and the Virtues Project Coordinating Team.

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