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CommuNIqué - Newsletter of the Bahá'í Community in Northern Ireland

Issue 75 - 17 'Ilm 159 - 1 November 2002 CE





 Meeting the Lord Mayor of Belfast

Three members of Belfast Bahá'í Community recently visited the new Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Alex Maskey. The group were very warmly welcomed and were able to inform the Mayor of some of the Bahá'í teachings, and presented him with a copy of A Crown of Beauty. This was his first contact with the Bahá'í Faith..


On Sunday 15th September, Belfast Bahá'í Ian Long, entered his ‘invention’ and team named the ‘Cluster B's’ into the Soap Box Race sponsored by Red Bull. He was supported by his team of ‘engineers’ from the Bahá'í community! On the day over 25,000 people turned out to watch the event The team managed a very respectable 39th position out of 97 starters, and the event will be televised later this year. One not to miss - Ian is now considering a career in Formula 1. A great day's fun with many people seeing the name Bahá'í.

  Soap Box

“I desire distinction for you...”

Congratulations to twenty-one years old David Palin who, with his team-mate, came runners-up in an all-Ireland "chef of the year" competition held under the auspices of the Irish hotel and catering body on 16 October. David, a member of the Magherafelt community (but Derry born and bred), was finalist on behalf of the Mid-Ulster area , one of thirty from all over Ireland. He was paired with the head chef of a leading Londonderry hotel to make one of the fifteen teams. In addition to the runner-up award he was singled out for special commendation as one of the youngest finalist in the competition.



Four members of the Omagh Community recently met with the Chairman of Omagh District Council and presented him with a copy of Bahá'u'lláh, Who is Writing the Future, and The Prosperity of Humankind. It was a very successful meeting lasting for an hour and the Chairman constantly asked questions about the Faith. He was keen to know what Bahá'ís felt about abortion, divorce and life after death. The Bahá'í prayers were another aspect he showed great interest in and he asked each one if they had any particular favourites, one of the friends said a prayer for him, ‘O God, refresh and gladden my spirit...’. When leaving he escorted us out to the car and assured us he would read the books.


 "Women then and now"

A special dramatic production was made at the holy day gathering in Londonderry on 20 October. Sarah Munro, Keith Munro, and Kerry Whiteside prepared and presented it as the local event to mark the 150th anniversary of the martyrdom of Tahirih. Using light, costumes, a ‘veil’ which extended across the room, and music, the life and mission of this disciple of the Báb was brought to a rapt audience in a moving and appropriate manner.

‘Women Then-and Now’ - Sarah Munro as Tahirih and Kerry Whiteside after the presentation


I remember there were moves a few years ago to try to get our holy days noted in diaries sold to the public and as a result some manufacturers started to put in one or two.

Last week I bought a WHSmith diary for 2003 while in Scotland and was pleasantly surprised to see that no less than seven Bahá'í holy days were listed - all of our major nine except the ninth and twelfth days of Ridván. For comparison numbers of holy days listed for other faiths were Christian (Western) 9, Christian (Eastern Orthodox) 4, Hindu 3, Chinese 1, Buddhist 3, Jewish 7, Sikh 6, and Muslim 7.

A nice piece of recognition. How do dairies from other sources compare, I wonder?

Elizabeth Palin  



The Training Institute is delighted to share with you all news of the establishment of the following study circles in the month of October:

Causeway Cluster: 'Reflections on the Life of the Spirit', Course 1
Charles Dunning Cluster: 'Reflections on the Life of the Spirit', Course 1
Charles Dunning/Alder Grove: Clusters 'Arising to Serve', Course 2

To begin initial preparation of teachers of children's classes, a course was successfully held during September in Course 3, 'Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1. At this writing, another weekend offering of this course is scheduled for the last weekend in October.

The Training Institute is extremely pleased to announce the opening of bookings for study circles in "The Twin Manifestations", Course 4 in the sequence. All those friends who have completed at least Courses 1 and 2 may apply for this exciting and wondrous course which offers a "thorough and systematic knowledge" of the lives of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh and prepares one with skills to share this knowledge with others.

If you have not yet entered the sequence of courses offered by the Institute, or if you wish to arise to the summons of the Universal House of Justice to continue your advancement through the entire sequence, or indeed if you wish to have more information about the Training Institute programme, please contact the Study Circle Coordinator (details below).

Finally, some of you may wish to invite your enquirers to enter a study circle. To help you in this task, there is now available a brochure which you can give to your enquirers to introduce Study Circles to them, and invite them to join one. This brochure has been approved by the Training Institute for Northern Ireland, and can be posted to you, or alternatively emailed to you for printing out.
For more information, please contact the Study Circle Coordinator.
Arjang Agahi,





The picture gallery at the UK Bahá'í Heritage Website, with its range of historic people and places, has been redesigned, with some new photographs and others rescanned for better quality. The site is part of the OPI Webspace, which can be visited at: Of particular interest to Irish visitors will be the range of pictures of the first person of Irish birth to become a Bahá'í, Dr Frederick D'Evelyn, and the first Irish person in Europe to become a Baha'i, Lady Blomfield. (There is also an interesting section on ‘The First Irish Bahá'ís’ on the main part of the Heritage site.)

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