Baha'i News -- Beware Of Deviationist Teachings, Warns Religions Minister

Beware Of Deviationist Teachings, Warns Religions Minister

Tutong - Attempts by certain individuals and groups to create dissension among the people in the country has become more obvious.

The Religious Affairs Minister Pehin Dato Dr Ustaz Awang Haji Mohd Zain says these individuals have attempted to undermine our religious faith.

Pehin Dato Dr Ustaz Awang Haji Mohd Zain made the statement at the first seminar and workshop of religious faith for new converts in the Tutong District.

The Religious Affairs Minister said that certain individuals and groups had tried to introduce faiths such as the Bahai, Kediani, Al-Arkam, Batinia and others, which are contrary to the teaching of the Ahli Suna Waljamaa.

He added that His Majesty's government through legal action and the spread of Islamic religious activities have foiled the attempts immediately.

The government through the Religious Affairs Ministry have also exposed these deviationist teachings activities.

The minister said His Majesty's government takes firm action to safeguard the teachings of the Ahli Suna Waljamaa.

Measures have also been taken to foil any deviationist teachings, which have been prevalent in the country.

Talks in mosques have also been intensified and dissemination of information through the electronic media, writings in the print media as well as courses and seminars have also been carried out.

These efforts are aimed at safeguarding the purity of the Islamic faith as well as to eradicate any form of deviationist teachings that could affect the unity of the Ummah and religious harmony in the sultanate.

More than 200 converts in the district attended the one-day seminar aimed to explain matters related to the Qurapat understanding and diversion of the Akida or faith in Islam and it also to strengthen their belief and sincerity towards the religion.

Two working papers were tabled at the seminar focusing on publication materials and Hurafat according to Islam and the influences and effect on the Muslims.

The workshop took place at the Tutong Civic Centre yesterday.

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