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Virtue of the Week


“…Love and affinity are the fruits of a gentle disposition, a pure nature and praiseworthy character…”
—Selected Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, p. 287

Gentleness is acting and speaking in a way which is considerate and kind to others. It is using self-control, in order not to hurt or offend anyone. You can be gentle with people and animals in the way you touch them and the way you speak to them. Being gentle with things means to be careful so that they will not break or be hurt in any way. Gentleness is moving wisely, touching softly, holding carefully, speaking quietly, and thinking kindly.

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Signs of Success

I am practicing gentleness when I…

• Make it safe for animals and people to be around me
• Touch carefully
• Speak with a soft voice
• Express my feelings peacefully
• Take time out when I don’t feel gentle
• Am gentle with myself
• Think gentle thoughts that make me smile inside.

I am gentle. I think, speak and act with gentleness. I show care for people and for everything I touch.

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Focus on Virtues in the Arts!

Rivers of Respect, Cornucopias of Creativity
In developing the virtues, it is very helpful to have visual cues in the environment. Noetic integration – the integration of meaning – occurs best when children create and see visuals of the virtues around them. Visual themes tied to the “Virtue of the Week” help to make virtues a natural element of the culture. According to Eugene Bedley, principal of El Camino Real School in California and a pioneer in virtues-based character education, children need symbols of the virtues to make them real – a bridge of compassion, a river of respect, or a road to respect, a heart of kindness. It is also helpful to hang Virtues Poster listing the 52 virtues described in this book (The Virtues ProjectTM Educator’s Guide)

Feature Virtues in the Performing Arts
Form a group of “Virtuous Reality Players” to write plays or put on plays that illustrate virtues. All meaningful plays do. This is a powerful way to reinforce the virtues in your environment. This activity goes well when you are studying historical figures.

Next Monday’s ‘Virtue of the Week’ is Trust.

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