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Published in The Hexham Courant on 27/09/2002

CROSS REFERENCING various collections of information, among them notably the Courant's Community Guide, as well as the excellent new Tynedale Rural Transport Guide, a rather old edition of the South Northumberland Business Book, and my well-thumbed copy of this past season's Art Tour, I was impressed by the vibrant life in the Allen Valleys, East and West.

I think it could be something of an adventure to catalogue this activity, and so, like a news-hound in training, I may be ringing around over the next few weeks in search of information!

ANOTHER very useful information guide that I've been missing is the Allen Valleys Diary, which provided a thumbnail sketch of what was on in the district over the coming months.

Perhaps a revival of such a diary would be worthwhile from this desk, since I am already receiving regular flows of news snippets about upcoming events.

Using David Orton's handy format, I'm working on extending this idea too, if only to help ensure that I get the news right in this space, reported at the most appropriate time.

AN Antiques Roadshow is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, October 2, at 7pm in the Golden Lion.

Antique evaluations (two per entry for only a fiver) are by local specialist Maurice Reed, and there is also a pies and peas supper.

Proceeds from the evening will go to St. Cuthbert's Church funds.

A SPECIAL photo session has been scheduled for Saturday, October 5, in St. Cuthbert's church hall, from 10am to noon, held by Allendale Playgroup.

There's a 50p initial entrance charge to the event, which also includes a cake stall and tombola, as well as a colouring competition.

Hazel Wain on (01434) 685060 will be happy to answer any questions about the session.

ONthe third Thursday October 17, the Baha'i Community of Allendale holds its regular potluck supper and discussion meetings.

The main topic for the next three months is spirituality, whether in the context of counselling, or the family, or the community.

More information can be had on (01434) 345391.

There is also a monthly worship at Burnlaw on the last Sunday of each month at noon.

TWO walks will launch the real walking sessions along Isaac's Tea Trail, to be held on Sunday October 20, in what is being called The great inaugural Victorian walk from Allendale to the Ninebanks Youth Hostel.

The main walk will commence at 10am and walkers are encouraged to adopt Victorian dress. Further information can be obtained directly from the hostel at Mohope, on (01434) 345288.

THE 1st Allendale and Catton Scout Group is circulating an appeal for financial assistance in its very worthy attempt to renovate Dawson Hall.

It's such a big undertaking, looking to involve serious applications to the Lottery Community Fund, but we've seen some incredibly huge projects successfully begun in the valley over these past few weeks.

The speed and diligence involved in the work on the new cricket clubhouse and grounds has been breathtaking, and it's so exciting to feel the buzz in the air over this project.

I'm sure the Scouts would be delighted to harvest some of that excitement for their own project and any contributions will be gratefully received. Cheques made payable to the Allendale and Catton Scout Group for any amount, can be sent to the group treasurer, Mr. R. Vaughn-Watkins, South Holybush, Keenley, Allendale.

I MISSED out on seeing the Millenium Yearbook when it was on display earlier this month, but am reliably informed it is now deposited for permanent reference in Allendale's library.

Larry Winger

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