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Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Thursday 26 September 2002

"Curran on Thursday" column - by "Derry News" regular columnist Frank Curran


Baha'i community call for religious unity

I am indebted to Dr Palm, a prominent local member of the Baha'i community for a copy of the Baha'i call for religious unity. The statement says that "while many cultural ethnic and national barriers have come down, it is now more than timely to resolve the issue of religious prejudice on a global scale". It goes on to say that "growing numbers of people are coming to realise that the truth underlying all religions is in its essence. In order for this perception to contribute effectively to the building of a peaceful world, it must have wholehearted confirmation of those to whom masses of earth's population look for guidance".

The statement has been passed on to representatives of the Christian Churches, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey has said to the Baha'i statement: "I very much share your view that we all need to address the question of how our different Faiths can become forces for peace and justice."

Strangely enough this initiative has not received much coverage in the media in general. After all, threats of bombs sell more than initiatives for peace.

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