Baha'i News -- Fostering understanding of diverse world religions

Fostering understanding of diverse world religions

The Chalmers Friendship Centre hopes to create more understanding of world religions, beliefs and practices after conducting a series of lectures in Timaru.

The centre is to host five speakers from different religious backgrounds over the next five Sundays starting tomorrow.

The first speaker is Battzion Susskind from the Hebrew community in Christchurch speaking on Judaism.

Ms Susskind , who was born in Israel, believes peace in the Middle East is not an unattainable dream.

In the following weeks speakers will focus on Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and the Bahai faith..

Chalmers community outreach co-ordinator Helen Carter said the idea was to help foster a greater understanding of other people's religious beliefs and practices.

The idea is to encourage a more tolerant view of the diversity of the many different people who live in New Zealand, she said.

The lecture starts at 1.30pm at 4 Elizabeth Street and entry is by gold coin donation.

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