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Iranian Baha'i Character on the Australian TV

Layla Young - Receptionist/Student Liaison Officer

Layla is MDA’s front of house receptionist. She co-ordinates the various case files and provides the MDA case managers with administrative support. Currently single, Layla is living in a share house with four friends she has known since high school. With her energetic presence and carefree nature, Layla is impossible to dislike. She has no specific life ambition as yet, except to go to as many movies, shops and parties as possible.

Generally people are surprised to find a young, fun, adventurous girl like Layla placing such importance on her spiritual beliefs. Layla grew up as part of the Baha’i religion. When Layla finds cause to express her views on the dysfunctional elements of society, she bears testimony to her humanitarianism and strong moral core.

10 Things You Don't Know About Layla Young

1. Layla lives with her parents.

2. Layla came from Iran and her parents were refugees arriving in 1970's Australia.

3. Layla is Baha'i.

4. Layla isn't too sure what she wants to do with her working life.

5. Layla is very friendly but finds it hard to speak in public.

6. Layla's favourite movie is 'A Beautiful Life'.

7. Layla has a sit down family meal every Sunday at home.

8. Layla makes some of her own clothes.

9. Layla's favourite meal is anything her mother cooks.

10. Layla is surprised when she falls in love.

Layla Young is played by Petra Yared.

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