Baha'i News -- Letter: Banish violence

Letter: Banish violence

Source: Evening Mail - Birmingham
Publication date: 2002-06-18
Arrival time: 2002-06-19

THE Birmingham Council of Faiths is an umbrella organisation for members of all faiths in Birmingham: Hindus, Moslemsand Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Jains, Baha'is and Zoroastrians.

It has been established since 1974 and aims to promote goodwill between all faiths.

As members, we wish to state how much we value the good relationships and long standing friendships that we have across our different faiths.

This is a time of heightened tension over Kashmir, the original home of many Birmingham citizens. We must not allow violence there to spread to Birmingham. All our religions are fundamentally about love, care and justice for all people.

Khurram Bashir, Manubhai Desai, Sewa Singh Mandla, Richard Tetlow, Birmingham Council of Faith

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