Baha'i News -- Poster puts 'Golden Rule' on display

Poster puts 'Golden Rule' on display

Dear Call Box: Could you print the text of the Golden Rule poster referred to on the May 31 Religion page or let me know where I could obtain it? -- R.M., Orange Park

Dear R.M. According to CoNexus Multifaith Media, the distributor of the poster, "Sacred writings and scriptures of many of the world's religious and spiritual traditions offer statements equivalent to what is known in the Christian tradition as the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others. . . . Because variations of this principle are found in so many traditions and are unsurpassed in practical wisdom, the Golden Rules have wide-ranging moral authority."

The poster was published by educator Paul McKenna and the interfaith office of Scarboro Mission, a Canadian Catholic Community. It displays 13 expressions of this ancient precept.

Here are few other examples:

-- Baha'i Faith: "Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself."

-- Buddhism: "Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful."

-- Taoism: "Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain and your neighbor's loss as your own loss."

-- Unitarianism: "We affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part."

The poster can be viewed or purchased at Or call 1-877-784-7779.

Sound Off, turn signals: "I am amazed at the number of people who do not use turn signals. I've taken to blowing my horn at the offenders, although I'm not sure they can figure out the reason for my honking. I was even behind a police car recently making a left turn, and he didn't even use a signal. It's very frustrating and very inconsiderate to the driver behind you. -- C.B., East Arlington

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