Baha'i News -- Promised one has come

Letters to the editor, June 5

Promised one has come

In Jean Torkelson's May 20 column on the Maitreya Project ("Buddhist relics draw the faithful"), we were informed that many Buddhists are awaiting the appearance of the Buddha Maitreya who will regenerate the world and bring peace and harmony to humanity. In a similar pattern, many Christians believe that world peace will only be realized when Christ returns.

It might come as surprise to many Buddhists and Christians to learn that their expectations were fulfilled in the 19th century by Baha Ullah, the founder of the Bahai faith. Lest we too hastily dismiss Baha Ullah's claim to be the promised one of all of the revealed religions, it would be well to recall Christ's warning that he would return as a thief in the night.

Every fair-minded and objective observer who takes the time to investigate will be amazed at the overwhelming proofs and evidence that God has already fulfilled the promises in the holy scriptures and that it is now up to us to respond to the divine call.

Seymour Weinberg

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