Baha'i News -- Your letters: Blazing a trail of togetherness

Your letters: Blazing a trail of togetherness

LET all of us in the West Midlands take pride that our region is setting an example as a thriving multi-racial community.

Three events prompt me to put pen to paper.

I was privileged to attend the launch at the ICC of the Prince of Wales inter-faith initiative Respect - a courageous act of leadership.

The Prince's Trust singled out Father Jim Fleming, of Sparkhill, for the dedicated work he is carrying out for refugees in our city.

Among many faiths represented I met a group from the Baha'I community with whom we share a genuine love for our fellow human beings and a common God.

On Sunday last my wife and I were guests of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association as they celebrated the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Apart from our charming hosts we met representatives of the Church of St Mary's and St Ambrose Edgbaston who are carrying out valuable work amongst Muslims in their Parish.

Yesterday the 'new' Churchyard at St Philips Cathedral was officially opened by the Duke of Gloucester.

Already this wonderful reconstruction is being enjoyed by people of all countries and backgrounds.

As a member of the Cathedral congregation, can I assure all our citizens that they are just as welcome inside our beautiful building.

Adrian Dence, Solihull

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