Baha'i News -- Daily comments on remarks by US senator

Daily comments on remarks by US senator

Tehran, March 19, IRNA -- The English-Language 'Kayhan International' in its viewpoint column on Monday evaluated the recent comments made made by a US senator on Iran-US relations.

It said, In his 45-minute long press conference, the U.S. President George W. Bush once again repeated his previous threats against those countries he considers as supporting terrorism and defended the American secret plans to use nuclear weapons against the said countries.

The above mentioned press conference coincided with the U.S. Secretary of Defence, Dick Cheney's visit to the Persian Gulf littoral states who is trying to make the U.S. plans to mount military action against Iraq palatable to the regional rulers.

According to the daily, a few U.S. senators also their support behind the American president's hostile mood in the wake of the aforementioned press conference by making a number of allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and also, tongue in cheek, spoke of the need for the U.S. authorities to break the communication barriers with those Iranian representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) who favor change in th country.

These very last words sent some self-alienated MPs into frenzied jubilation.

It is interesting to note that the said conference was sponsored by the Iranian-American Council, chaired by Robert Plethro (ever since Bill Clinton's term of office) and through the relentless efforts of Houshang Amir Ahmadi, better known as the intermediary in Iran and America ties. It is no wonder that the said council is fulcrumed by the Americans and Israelis Social Affairs Committee, which airs the views of the Zionist lobby in the U.S, said the daily.

The U.S. head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee did most of the talking and again accused the IRI of supporting terrorism, harassing religious minorities, especially the Jews and Bahai'is, striving to develop weapons of mass destruction, being involved in the bombing of Al-Khobar American base in Saudi Arabia and sending arms to Palestinians. He then went on to demand that Iran stop its support of the Palestinian militant groups.In the same breath, he demanded that the U.S. administration should focus its favorable attention on those individuals and groups in Iran who wish to ring the changes in the country's political system.

Elsewhere, the American senator repeated George Bush's idiotic views and his making a difference between the elected and appointed officials in Iran and highlighted the need for the U.S. administration to establish contacts with those Iranian individuals and groups friendly to the American. In tune with this latter point, he urges, that the Bush administration should let all the U.S. governmental and non-governmental organizations liaise with and make financial contributions to those Iranians who are engaged in such causes as civil society, human rights, cultural affairs and democratic aspirations.

All told, this American senator makes out as though he is absolutely ignorant of the immense financial contributions of the current U.S. government and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to counter-revolutionary groups, and self -alienated U.S. sweethearts in this country.

The said financial continuations on the part of different U.S. administrations to the aforesaid groups and individuals have continued without fail ever since culmination of the Iranian Revolution, pointed out the daily.

What makes these latest statements immensely interesting is the blatancy and openness in the recent U.S. interventionist and subversive moves against Iran, said the daily.

Such flagrant approaches are underlined when the gentleman calls for better ties between Iran and the U.S. but, unfortunately, such ties are presently beyond American control, Then the senator opines that the only when the present political system in the IRI changes, would there be any chance for such desired ties.

What is extraordinary astounding is the fact that most of the domestic reform-minded press has ignored the major portion of this American senator statements, which boil down to nothing short of slow subversive act against the system and direct insult to the noble Iranian's notions of independence and freedom, said the daily.

Some of the said press media have referred to such disgraceful affront by the U.S. senator as a new U.S. move to break the ice in Irano-American ties and have interpreted the whole move as a huge chasm in the American policies vis-a-vis our country. In a similar vein, some Majlis May 23 faction MPs have also been hoodwinked by these publications and welcomed the idea of talks with the U.S.

These numbered few have even suggested some approaches to achieve this end, which are way out of line with their authorities as MPs. They should know that such an undertaking is not only contradictory to our country's national and vital interests but also in stark contravention of the provisions in our constitution, concluded the daily.


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