Baha'i News -- Seekers share a common thread

Seekers share a common thread

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Publication date: 2002-03-03

The following is in response to a column titled "Christianity isn't only way to God," which appeared Jan. 17. The purpose of this response is to emphasize that we cannot always take spiritual writings literally. We must try to see what is the inherent message and act on it.

As a member of the Baha'i faith, my understanding is that the words of God, and those of his divine representatives, all have spiritual significance. It is sometimes a challenge for humans to understand the meaning of these Holy Scriptures.

One method we humans use to understand realities that are not detected directly by our physical senses is to use symbols and metaphors. In literature, it has been said that knowledge is light, because light is more perceivable to us than knowledge.

The following quotation is from the Baha'i sacred writings:

"Man must be a lover of the light, no matter from what dayspring it may appear. He must be a lover of the rose, no matter in what soil it may be growing. He must be a seeker of the truth, no matter from what source it comes. Attachment to the lantern is not loving the light."

The main question becomes: Where do we go after understanding this reality or any other concept related to spiritual recognition? Unless we feel a responsibility to contribute to humankind's spiritual development and maturity based on the knowledge gained, we will not progress.

We should mirror God's attributes and become unself-conscious, like a hollow reed through which the spirit may descend, and the goal becomes a service to mankind.

Farkhonde A. Edwards


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