Baha'i News -- Message From Prime Minister Tony Blair

Message from Prime Minister Tony Blair

March 2002

I HAVE A CLEAR vision of a multi-cultural Britain - one which values the contribution made by each of our ethnic, cultural and faith communities. I am determined to see a truly dynamic society, in which people from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds can live and work together, whilst retaining their distinctive identities, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

British Baha'is make a significant contribution towards achieving this vision and we are a stronger, better country because of it. It is particularly important that we celebrate the contribution of the Baha'i faith to the stability and prosperity of British Society as a whole.

I am very much encouraged by the vision the Baha'i community demonstrates in recognising the power of interfaith dialogue and the importance of all citizens fulfilling their potential. Your community has a vibrancy which is well demonstrated by the recent opening of the Baha'i Gardens on Mount Carmel in Israel. It is an outstanding monument to your faith.

[signed Tony Blair]

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