Baha'i News -- We love each other

We love each other

Christopher & Jeanette Contant-Galitello

Craig Taylor

Saturday January 26, 2002

Christopher I was going to a Baha'i arts academy, to learn acting, music, creative writing, and was asked if I had room in my car for a young woman's steel drum. I said, 'Sure.' When I picked it up from her, I felt this indescribable familiarity. I dismissed it at the time, but felt incredibly protective of her drum. Instead of single locking, I double locked.

Jeanette He was only meant to stay for the first five minutes of my concert, but he was still hanging around after, so I took the bull by the horns and asked him to go for a walk. We spoke in subtitles, 'Isn't life interesting?', that sort of thing. We weren't saying what we meant, but we knew. Within 24 hours, I had called my mum. It was that certain.

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