Baha'i News -- Sydney Baha'is Meet with 12 Counselors

Sydney Baha'is Meet with 12 Counselors

Dear Friends,

Tonight, we Baha'is of Sydney Metropolitan had a special opportunity to meet with twelve of our beloved counsellors, two from the International Teaching Centre, Counsellor Grossman and Counsellor Ramirez (I am not sure of spelling) and the rest from different parts of Australasia. These Counsellors have gathered in Sydney and are in consultation with the Australian NSA over this week.

Over four hundred of friends gathered at Macquarie University Price theatre for this important function. In addition to the presence of these counsellors, a number of Auxiliary Board members from Australasia and three members of Australian NSA were present.

After devotions, the function was opened by a member of Australian NSA, Prof. Bijan Samali. Then Counsellor Ramirez gave a short talk about changes that are happening in the process of development of Institutes. She requested the friends to read the two new booklets that have been recently published ("The Institution of the Counsellors" and the other "Century of Light"). She emphasised the importance of the three factors in the current development process of our Faith, which have been outlined in the last Ridvan message of UHJ. Mainly, Devotional meetings, Institute programs and children's classes. She emphasised the need to increase the number of people that can undertake establishment of more Institute classes, and training of more teachers of children classes. Also to establish a spiritual environment so that the contacts can receive the spiritual friendship that they are seeking for.

After her presentation, Counsellor Grossman, gave a brilliant talk on the need for individual transformation. He emphasised that Baha'is have now developed a nucleus for formation of a World embracing Administration. He stressed that Baha'is have shown in past that once they start a process, they accomplish it to its fullness, and this track of commitment will show to the world that Baha'is have the right transformation process. He stressed that the friends need to show that this community is different and has the right ingredients for world transformation. He stated that UHJ believes that once we have a critical mass of manpower resources, we will be able to open the Faith to entry by troops. That, UHJ hopes that friends all over the world will undertake this transformation and by achieving a proper development based on the Five year plan will be able to bring about the awaited entry by troops.

Following a session of questions and answers between the friends and the two visiting Counsellors from the International Teaching Centre, a member of the NSA of Australia Mr. Steven Hall thanked the Counsellors. Then he gathered the children that were present in this gathering in order to present gifts prepared by the NSA to each one of the Counsellors.

The program was ended with an spiritually uplifting event. As you may know, Sydney (NSW) is currently going through a number of bush fire disasters and the NSA had decided that this function should be ended with recitation of the Fire Tablet. Two of the Counsellors from Australasia shared the recitation of this Tablet with such emotional spirit, that uplifted everyone's spirit.

With Regards,
Ahmad Aniss

©Copyright 2002, Ahmad Anis

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