Bahai News - Bahá'ís in Quebec Celebrate Louis-Bourgeois Centre 10th Anniversary

Bahá'ís in Quebec Celebrate Louis-Bourgeois Centre 10th Anniversary

Montreal, 2 December 2001 - Bahá'ís in Quebec invite the public to celebrate with them the 10th anniversary of the Louis-Bourgeois Centre on 8 December, which has long contributed to the growth and development of their community. The Louis-Bourgeois Centre is located at 4747, Saint-Charles Blvd. in Pierrefonds. The festivities will start at 7:00 p.m. This event will also be an occasion to acknowledge the important contribution of Louis Bourgeois, one of the first francophone Bahá'ís in Canada and architect of the first Bahá'í Temple in the Americas. The program will include a presentation by Dr. John MacLeod, professor at the landscape architectural school of the University of Montreal, the showing of a commemorative video and an artistic performance. Time will also be set aside to pray and meditate for peace and world unity.

Louis Bourgeois and the Temple of Light

Originally from Saint-Célestin de Nicolet, Louis Bourgeois (1856-1930), is the architect of the "Temple de lumière" as this Bahá'í Temple was first called when they were selecting its design. Erected near the shore of Lake Michigan in Wilmette, near Chicago, this majestic construction shows an harmonious and elegant blend of the highest forms of great architectural traditions of diverse eras and civilizations, underlying the many efforts of humankind to glorify God. "Mr. Bourgeois has conceived the temple of light . It is the first new idea in religious architecture since the thirteenth century. I want to see it built!" said Mr. H. Van Buren Magonigle, president of the American Architects League and principal advisor for the Selection Committee for the Temple's plan before its construction.


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