Bahai News -- What’s Corey doing in Bangladesh

What’s Corey doing in Bangladesh

by Rosemarie Fanucchi

What’s Corey doing in Bangladesh
Photo: Corey sporting his Surf Dog shirt In Bangladesh.

Peace Corps Volunteer Corey Toth received a bit of home, a Surf Dog shirt sent to him by his friend, Corky Smith. Toth is teaching English to the instructors at one of Bangladesh’s Primary Training Institutes. He is the son of long-time Carpinterians Don and Jane Toth

Corey is no stranger to volunteering in far away places. In 1989-90 he lived in Botswana with the Baha’i Youth Service Corps. “The Baha’i Youth Service Corps is an opportunity given to young members of the faith to help them understand the concept of the oneness of the human family,” Jane explained.

To prepare for the Bangladesh position, Cory volunteered to teach English as a second language two nights a week before joining the Peace Corps. Corey’s term will end in May 2002.

During his training for the Bangladesh assignment, Toth trained in the city of Mymensingh where he lived with a host family and began to learn the culture of the country. Presently his home is in Pirojpur. Corey told his family that.

Jane said though Banladeshi consider his apartment luxurious, by American standards it would be considered poverty level.

Jane said that Corey follows the lead of two other former Carpinterians. His sister, Carla, was with the Peace Corps in Panama, and Bill Chang served in Morocco. “Bill continued to work as a Peace Corps recruiter for several years after his return,” Jane said. “Carla, Bill and Corey’s stories about their work encouraged another friend, Corky, to join the Peace Corps. She leaves July 27 for the Philippines. Corky, Bill and Corey were classmates at Carpinteria High School in the Class of 1987.”

Jane said that Corey appreciates mail from home. If you would like to send a postcard or letter, send it to him at Chandary Villa, First Floor, Machimpur Road, Pirojpur 8500, Bangladesh.

Reyes’ keep on running
Abel and Pauline Reyes have another success under their belts. The longtime Carpinteria couple has recently returned from London where for two years in a row they completed the London Marathon. Just prior to London they finished the Los Angeles Marathon. Their finish time was 5:30.55.

The Reyes have been running for many years, but what sets them apart from other ‘couple runners’ is that they hold hands while running. “Pauline develops a pain in her back as we run and we discovered that if we hold hands it tilts her body in such a way that the pain is relieved,” Abel explained.

What makes this couple even more of a phenomena is that a few years ago Abel suffered serious injury in an auto accident that put him in a body cast. He was told that he would never walk again. Pauline helped him to gain the strength and stamina to not only get on his feet again but to run.

If you see them running in the Cravens Lane/Foothill Road area give them a little toot to signify your support.

It is not my custom to print poems; however, this one touched me for a couple of reasons. One, since moving to Avo Land nearly forty years ago, it has never ceased to amaze me to see a car parked on the side of an orchard while the occupants scurry among the trees helping themselves to avocados or lemons. On more than one occasion I have stopped to tell the criminals that they were stealing.

I have also reported the thefts; however, the culprits are long gone by the time the authorities arrive. Second, when I worked in the California State Senate, laws regarding the stealing of avocados were being reviewed for stiffer penalties so I feel even more obligated to do my part to help our ranchers on this account.

So, here is:

A Poem to
Avocado Thieves
By Pamela Bryson
of Carpinteria

You steal just one or two,
But there are more of you.
You pick one here,
And you pick one there,
“Why should the rancher care?”

On a Sunday cruise,
Or late at night,
They’re free for the picking,
As long as no one is in sight.

The rancher does not go to your house
To take a shirt or a blouse,
They don’t steal your kid’s shoes,
And then make some excuse.

“It’s only three or four,” you say.
But there were dozens of you yesterday.
Last week you brought a grocery bag.
Filled it ‘til it began to sag.’

I got news for you,
Stealing avocados is a crime.
If you do it once or twice,
Or if you do it all the time.

What’s your plan for this year?
You gonna clean us out?
The reward’s a thousand bucks,
Just to rat you out.

It’s not that we don’t like you.
It’s not that we don’t care.
Your plan to steal our profit margin,
Makes it hard for us to bear.

Next time you think about taking,
Look us ranchers in the eye.
You are stealing from your neighbors,
What you can easily buy.

People see God every day, they just don’t recognize Him.
—Pearl Bailey, American singer

Until next time …
A Cheery-bye.

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